Thursday, January 12, 2006

Siblings. Harumph.

Dear Blogger;

Here's the news of the month- I got two new siblings. Their names, (in case you haven't read my previous blog,) are Cecile and Freddie. Cecile we aren't sure if s/he is a girl or a boy, but we think her to be a girl. I love Cecile, and she loves me. We give each other lots of kisses. Well, its either kisses or she's regurgitating food into my mouth, my parents aren't sure, and i'm not telling!! ;)

Freddie seems to have taken a disliking to me. I'm not fond of him either, because he seems to be trying to install a pecking order. For example, I was hanging out with Cecile on top of their cage when Freddie got all territorial, walked over to me and yanked on my tail with his beak! Normally he's tolerant of me, but that was the last straw, so I swore to myself I would have no buisness with that stuck up again!

Other then that, life has continued on as usual. I'm up to my usual antics, such as swinging upside down from perches and squawking loudly. I haven't been given much birdie bread lately, or pomagranate, or nutriberries for that matter! All of my parents attention is on the greys.

Hopefully when my step-grandmother comes back from Germany she'll buy me lots of new veggies. It was only last night that they stocked up on broccoli and hot peppers for my breakfast, and that was after four days of eating straight zuchinni! Mother hubbard's cubbard is competly bare around this neck o' the woods, and i'm sick and tired of it. Where's my almonds? Where's my love? Where's my almonds? Where's my veggies? Most importantly, where's my almonds!?

It's extremley annoying what these humans think they can do to me. I'm a free spirit! I deserve love and attention! Of course, I haven't been left alone at all, but I miss the good old days when I could nip the heck out of someone and they would still try to pet me. Now I have to be a "good bird" or else they put me for a time-out in my room.

Anyways, its sleepy time around Mother Hubbard's shoe, unless that's a different nursery rhyme. Oh well. Good night!


Arelynn Kaeda C. Young

Sunday, January 01, 2006

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

... and a Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone! Its me, Aree, posting after months of non-posting. I have three astounding pieces of news, two good and one not so good.

The first- 1. Christmas!! YAY! Oh how I love it! It was my first Christmas this year, and I didn't even know what it was until I woke up Christmas day to a whole huge stocking full of nuts and Nutriberries!! It was GREAT! Almonds, walnuts, the little red nuts, pomagrante... Mmmm!! Oh, and the humans got things too.

The second- 2. New Years! What's a new years? I don't know. But there is lots of activity, shouting and nuts!! I love this holiday too!

The third- 3. Siblings. The humans, if you can believe it, are actually considering getting me two adopted silbings, a sister and a brother. That means I would be the youngesst, because Freddie is seventeen and Cecil is four. I'm only six months.

I'm very upset that I will no longer (or probably no longer) be an only child. It's an outrage! Mom says that it will be good to have silbings so that I can have someone to talk to during the day. That sounds nice, because I haven't had any other parrot contact since I left the nest... but that ALSO means that my attention will be taken away.

"No it won't Aree! I will always love you to pieces!"

Sure! She says that NOW, but when she gets them...?

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Merry ChristmaHannaKwanzaitmas..... Whatever you celebrate let the good times of friends and family and good health be with you all!


Princess of Everything

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Clouds are falling!

Guess what I learned about today? Clouds! My mommy Hayley showed me outside a little while ago and guess what? There were big, fat little white things tumbling from the sky! And they were EVERYWHERE!!! Covering the houses, the trees... there were millions of them!

So Hayley told me that the white things are called "Snow" and they come from "Clouds" which are the large white things that float above us in the sky everyday. I see them from my cage every once in a while. Clouds are big!

I said nothing, only stared out the window. Man oh man what a sight! This is my first time ever seeing clouds, or little bits of clouds falling from the sky...

Hayley says that snow is NOT part of clouds, but they just fall from them. Oh well.

The Weather Parrot

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Augh! The nerve of those filthy humans! Oh I suppose I can't come down on them so hard, for they meant well. A few days ago I was schedualed for my very first manicure (or Nail Clipping as my human flock so often calls it,) and they were going to trim my lovely nails themselves! An honor so great, that the humans were probably quarreling over who would get to do it...

In the end Susanne, my mother's step-mother, decided that she would do it. So she asked me to step up on her finger, and I gladly obeyed. Then she pulled out a silver clipping device, raised it to the very, VERY miniscule edge of my beautiful nail and... CLIP!

"Ouch!" I shreiked. Beating my wings and screeching, I gripped Susanne's finger with such force she looked like she was whimpering. I gave her a ferocious glare and continued to flap my wings and shout angrilly.

I was asked to step back down onto my play gym, and I did so. Glaring at my flock, I lifted my sore foot up into the safety of my warm feathery body. It hurt really badly! So much for a MANICURE!!!

Sulking and nursing the aching pain residing in my delicate foot, I finally forgave Susanne after she kept spitting out the word "Imsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry" And kissing my feathers. Who wouldn't? My foot was still purple when I was finished preening, but it didn't hurt very much anymore. To be safe, I played with my mom... and ONLY my mom for the rest of the night.

Update: My nails are fine now. They've been filing them down with a nail file bit by bit each night. It doesn't hurt, and now my nails look just a gorgeous as before, only shorter.


Bye bye!
-Arelynn Young
Princess of Everything

Saturday, October 15, 2005

New Cage!

Hello again!

Its me, Aree, writing again about my loverly home in Calgary. Ahhh what a life! I'm constantly smothered with love and attention... and Pomagranite seeds! I love Pomagranite seeds.

I just realized how good it feels to snuggle with my humans and to be given a nice long scratch under my wings.

On Thursday the 13th, I, Arelynn Young the Spoiled Rotten Princess of Everything, was given a new castle! It's MUCH bigger then my ugly old one. It's brown and gold, and has a nice playtop for me to sit on chirping happilly whilst keeping an eye on my humans. They can get into alot of trouble without Parront Supervision ;-)

I got plenty more toys and playthings, and am getting even MORE today! My mommy Hayley and the rest of my flock of humans love taking pictures of me, as most humans do. What can I say? It's natural beauty and I show it off.

My striking green plumage and the gorgeous yellow underside of my wings strike the humans with such magnificence they can't help but stare in awe (with a look of more stupidity then wisdom. So much for being the planet's most intelligent species, which we all know rightfully belongs to parrot's, or ME rather.)

Anyway, about my cage. It's stouter, but deeper and wider which I like. Since I can't fly anyway >:-( there's no point in being really tall, although I do love to climb. Well, it seems that Hayley's stepmom Susanne is coming to give me some veggies. I hope there's corn in there. Or pomagranite. Or seeds!!!

Bye everyone,
~Aree the Spoiled Rotten Princess of Everything

Monday, October 10, 2005


What a month!

My sister was taken away from me this month, who knows why. We were the best of friends, and we shared everything! I don't know why she had to leave, but I haven't been myself since she left. Before I knew it, I was put in a tiny blue carrier with a perch, some food, and millet seed. My caretaker waved "Oivoir!" and I was shipped off onto a big West Jet plane.

The flight took FOREVER, or at least it seemed to. Three hours in a stuffy box and no light isn't exactly my idea of a holiday! Finally I arrived in my new home: Calgary. I was unloaded like another ungrateful piece of cargo into a tiny room with a bright light and a crowd of amazed humans. I showed off for a while, and then forgot all about them and tried to escape from my carrier.

I didn't suceed, and I was taken into a white van where we drove for yet another half hour or so. The girl holding me kept smiling and saying "Hello Aree." I didn't know who this Aree was, but the girl sure was annoying thinking I was her!

So I was brought into a HUGE house, and placed inside a nice cozy cage. I was so sleepy from the plane ride, I fell right asleep and forgot all about the humans behind me.

The next few days were a blurr of activity, vegetables and noise. My diet was slowly switched from Tropican cockatiel pellets to a yummy mixture of Harrison's protien packed ones. Whatever "protien" means.

I love corn and sprouts! And I have decided that I like them even more then millet seed!!!

On the third day in my new home, I was taken to a nice lady named The Vet. She specializes in seeing reptiles and birds, and thought that I was the prettiest parrot she had ever seen. As she swooned over my gorgeous green feathers, she appologized to me for no apparent reason. Before I could ask why she put me in a towel and shoved something up my butt!

I was a bit cranky for a while (you would be too if you had blood taken from you, and your butt was as sore as mine was) and then I was cheered up a bit when The Vet announced that I was a healthy, lovely little lady. And every word was true!

I love my new flock of humans. There's my mommy, Hayley (the weird one who kept calling me "Aree" which I now know is MY name) and a little one called Cassie. There are also two really big ones which Hayley calls "Susanne" and "Dad." There's also a medium sized one named Alexis.

I'm having a blast here, and everyone loves to spoil me.

I love Calgary,

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